The power Chopper is yet another of those TV infomercial items that sound too good to be true. And some of what they claim is too good to be true, but others are just like they say.
The power chopper is another of those blender, chopper, grinder and juicer machines that you’ve probably seen on TV. It comes with the two different sizes of cup and the two bases, the blender and the juicer attachment for it, and the other pieces like the extra gaskets and the lids.

The Power Chopper has two bases for different uses. To grate, blend, mix, chop and such you use the chopping blade, and to grind coffee, chop nuts, whip and make peanut butter you use the whipping blade.

To use the chopper you put the ingredients into the cup your going to use. Then you put whatever blade you are going to use onto the cup, ensuring the gasket is in the base. The motor of the unit is in the base, which is turned on by three prongs on the cup.

You push the blade end of the cup into the base and the motor starts. You only have to push down to start it. To stop it you just let it spring up a little. If you want it to run without holding down on it you just turn it a little. Then to stop it you turn it the other way.

It is nice having basically three different sized cups for the chopper. If you want something small for say, chopping a half cup of nuts you only use the smaller cup. For the larger jobs you use the appropriate sized cup.

The two blades are nice because the one base for chopping just does not work for whipping cream. It takes too long and I think the cream heats up under the use of the wrong blade. The whipping blade works well for grinding coffee, you just have to use some caution.

If you want to grate cheese with this, it had better be a hard cheese. This things heats up and will melt any cheese that you don’t grind rather quickly. You would have to use real quick bursts for grating of something like cheese, and it would have to be a hard cheese to start off with.

I don’t buy cheese like this, it’s easy enough to just buy it already grated. If you do cheese in this, I would suggest getting a very hard cheese and going quickly.

As with most of what you blend, chop or grind with the Power Chopper, you should not use the machine for more than sixty seconds, if that. Things like coffee and nuts are pulverized rather quickly so thirty seconds is long enough.

When doing things in the Power Chopper for the first time go slowly and use short bursts till you figure out how long to chop, blend, or grind. Or you might find yourself with coffee that flows right through the filter on your coffee machine.

The smoothie making capabilities of the Power Chopper are one of it’s best features, I love making coffee smoothies.
You just take five or six ice cubes, a splash of milk and a few spoonfuls of cappuccino mix and blend until the ice cubes are all gone. With using it for smoothies the smaller the ice cubes, the better.

The larger cubes take longer to grind up and if you use ice chips it will take less time. The problem I have with making the smoothies is using to big an ice cube and then not grinding up enough. I use the short burst method, pushing down for a few seconds and then letting it up. Then do it again until I don’t hear the harsher grinding of the ice cubes.

Most of the time this works but sometimes you end up with a hunk or two of an ice cube left in the smoothie, my dogs love those. I have made other smoothies, use a couple of ice cubes, some frozen berries and some yogurt and your ready for a real treat. Or for some really good shakes you can use ice cream instead of ice cubes.

The chopper works very well but the blade heats up quickly, the instructions say not to use the machine for more than sixty seconds at a time and this is a good idea. For a lot of things sixty seconds of blending or whatever is plenty, you then check how the job is going and go some more if needed.

The juicer part of the whole thing works, uh well. The reason for the hesitation is I don’t like tomato juice, and that is what I made. I didn’t have much else around the house. I used tomatoes, celery and carrots and made a V8 or whatever, it tasted okay. The pulp left over cleaned out really well.

As a matter of fact that is one of the best things about the whole Power Chopper. When I use it I have been washing it off right away and it cleans up very easily. I rinse it out and swirl some soap inside the cup and then splash that on all the parts, it cleans up quite easily. I have been using it for a week now and it has been quite easy to use. The whole unit is smaller than a regular blender.

That is another thing that makes it nice. A regular blender is larger and is a little harder to pull out and set up. The Power Chopper can be in a drawer and you just pull out the parts you need. It only takes a minute to set up and your ready to go. The thing is easy to use and quick.

There are some things that are probably bad about it but I am not going to test that out. I am referring to the over heating thing they mention in the instructions. If you over heat it the rubber or whatever is around the blade that keeps the liquid from coming out will go bad and the blade will be useless.

I would recommend using the thing like I mentioned earlier, a quick thirty or sixty second blend and then check the contents. This way you will not over heat the blade part and you will not over grind anything.

I have been getting some of these as seen on TV items lately and putting them through their paces, and this one is one of the best according to following what they say on their commercial. The chopper works well for all kinds of grinding, blending, whipping, even making peanut butter.

The whole thing fits into a drawer easier than a conventional blender and is nice to use with my favorite, the smoothie. This is one of those seen on TV items that is worth the cost of getting it at a store, not on the TV though.

I don’t remember what the price was on the TV, but it was cheaper from the store, It costs $35 at Walmart. No shipping charge or anything. It is on the internet at a variety of different places for $40 or so but it also has shipping at those sites so it’s about fifty if you order it online. I have not seen them at any other store that I have noticed but it is at Walmart.

I really do like the Power Chopper. It is nice to have a food processor to make smoothies. It is not designed or made for larger jobs, just smaller ones like individual servings or small parts of recipes like chopped nuts or thing like that. And it works great at these jobs, just using a little caution and practice with them.